·       Divorce

·       Separation Agreements

·       Pre- and Post- nuptial Agreements

·       Invalidity of Marriage (Formerly Annulment)

·       Spousal Support a/k/a Maintenance (formerly Alimony)

·       Property Division and Settlements

·       Child Custody (Allocation of Parental Responsibilities)

·       Child Support (Initial orders and Modifications)

·       Visitation & Parenting Time (Allocation of Parenting Time)

·       Relocation (formerly Removal)

·       Post- Decree Divorce Matters and Enforcement

·       Contribution to College Expenses

·      Abuse of Visitation and Abuse of Support Matters


Grayzeck Law Group. P.C. has a strong background and focus in both Matrimonial and Family law, providing representation to individuals engaged in all aspects of litigation. Grayzeck Law Group, P.C. understands that each individual case is the priority in our client’s lives, and therefore it is our daily objective to obtain fair, just, satisfactory, and economic outcomes for our clients while respecting the delicate nature of their family law matters.

Because Grayzeck Law Group. P.C. is a multidiscipline practice, we are uniquely suited to handle all possible diverse issues that arise in both the areas of Family and Matrimonial law. GLG employs sophisticatedly trained and experienced counsel in areas of business law, real estate, estate planning and probate, and other legal areas in order to provide comprehensive effective legal services tailored to the client’s particular needs.

Our goal is to provide the highest degree of excellence, professionalism and compassionate advocacy in the area of family and matrimonial law. We strive to serve all of our clients’ needs and take care of them and their families as a whole. At GLG our clients aren’t just a number, they are a family needing guidance through some of the most emotional and costly period of their lives.

In 2016 the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, the controlling law in the state of Illinois for matrimonial and family law matters, was drastically revised and re-written. Changes have occurred to all aspects including: Allocation of Parenting Time and Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (formerly known as Custody and Visitation), Relocation of a Child from State (formerly known as Removal), Divorce waiting requirements, Grounds for Divorce, Contribution to College Expenses, and the calculation of Spousal Support or Maintenance (formerly known as Alimony). Further, in 2017 the law for calculating Child Support and its impact on Maintenance shall also undergo major changes. If you have considered filing for divorce, a parentage matter, support case, or perhaps have already filed, it is essential that you understand the new changes already in place, as well as those to come.  Just as important, you must retain an attorney with complete knowledge and understanding of the changes in the laws at hand. These changes may affect your family more than you know, and having an attorney by your side with a complete understanding of the law will assure you and your family the best outcome.


Grayzeck Law Group, P.C. is skilled at handling financially complicated cases in a discreet and confidential manner. GLG is involved in complex Family Law litigation and has the experience necessary to handle complicated matters (multiple State or Country visitation, high net-worth litigants,  complicated division of marital assets and inheritances, shared custody agreements, and families with special needs). Settlement focused, we help clients negotiate when possible and in the best their best interest. Trial ready, should we decide settlement is not an option we remain prepared to litigate as needed. While we strongly believe going to trial should be out client’s last resort both from a financial perspective and an emotional one.  

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