Grayzeck Law Group, P.C. is a premier Illinois boutique law firm providing our clients with a different approach to the law and litigation. Grayzeck Law Group is set apart by its dedicated focus and multi-disciplined services for our clients. We serve the whole family and the whole business both during their representation and after. Through passionate advocacy in legal representation and counseling for both individual and business needs, our clients are served as a whole – and need to look no further. Clients of Grayzeck Law Group P.C., both past, present, and recurring value the firm’s integrity, experience and multi-disciplined approach, attention to detail, and the consistent quality results the firm provides to its clients.

Grayzeck Law Group is no cookie cutter firm. This boutique firm’s unique focus appreciates our client’s needs before litigation, during, and after. GLG focuses on guiding our clients through their toughest moments so that they end up in a position better than when they came to the attorneys of Grayzeck Law Group. Pairing a small and efficient firm with experienced and focused attorneys – we are able to serve all of your needs in one package.

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From the Firm’s beginning, Michelle K. Grayzeck, founder of GLG, has made it her priority to be accessible to her clients. Because her firm is a boutique firm, GLG provides services more efficiently and accessible than larger firms are capable of. Plus, as a result clients enjoy a close relationship with their advocate and substantial cost savings over comparable larger firms.

While Grayzeck Law Group’s primary focus is matrimonial and family law, our diverse history of expertise and practice areas include: civil litigation, business and corporate law, commercial and residential real estate, and estate planning. This breadth of practice provides Grayzeck Law Group, P.C. with a unique perspective and additional knowledge that we apply to each of our cases.

Grayzeck Law Group, P.C. recognizes the importance of great legal representation while keeping an eye on our client’s costs. Throughout every step of litigation we keep our focus on our client’s goals and are prepared to meet them, whether through settlement or trial. Contact Grayzeck Law Group, P.C. today for your free consultation and our experienced solutions to all your legal needs.


Formed on the basis that there must be another way to practice law, Grayzeck Law Group brings a new game to the representation of families. The Founding partner, Michelle K. Grayzeck spent years working for law firms involved in highly contentious and sophisticated litigations. It was her goal to create a law firm where all of the client’s needs were taken care of without forcing clients to go bankrupt trying to obtain the outcome they wanted, or after doing so. Michelle took her extensive knowledge of family law, coupled with years of business law, real estate law, bankruptcy law, corporate law, estate law, and probate law experience to create a firm that not only considered all these areas for each client’s needs, but could anticipate potential issues for each client. Too many clients spend too many years litigating in one area such as family law, only having to find another firm and spend another retainer on an attorney who could then handle the remaining issues with real estate, estate planning, or business. Grayzeck Law Group, P.C. is here to put an end to that antiquated version of the law firm. Instead Grayzeck Law Group provides a focused and multi-disciplined approach to helping families of Illinois in every legal aspect of their lives, and in an affordable manner as well.


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